Reviews and Testimonials from our Customers

Memories of my childhood flooded back...

"I decided to restore my childhood home. expertly rejuvenated the aged wooden floors, maintaining their historical charm.

As I walked through the rooms, memories of my childhood flooded back. I'm taking a nostalgic journey back in time."

James Gallagher

Floor Sanding

Our floors never looked bettеr...

"I'm so pleased with the work did on our old wooden floors.

They've never looked better! The team was professional and very kind."

Sarah Thompson

Wood Floor Sanding

Оur guests couldn't stop complimenting the shine...

"We hired team to polish the floors of our home before a big family event.

They delivered on time and our guests couldn't stop complimenting the shine and it was great experience for me as a host."

Amelia Robinson

Floor Polishing

A valuable partner of my business....

"As a landlord managing multiple properties, maintaining them in top shape is my utmost priority. I've been using's services for a while now, and their team has consistently delivered high-quality work.

They recently renovated the floors of one of my rental properties. The project was completed quickly and efficiently.

I recommend to any property owner who values quality, efficiency, and excellent customer service. Their commitment to maintaining the beauty and durability of my properties' floors has made them an valuable partner in my business."

John Miller

Floor Restoration

Exceeded expectations...

"The final result was nothing short of spectacular, with a finish that was both smooth and lustrous.

It was evident that they had poured their dedication and craftsmanship into the project, and the outcome far surpassed what we had envisioned."

Harry Taylor

Floor Sealing & Varnish

Мy children can enjoy and explore on our beautifully smooth floors...

"I have three young children and I was apprehensive about the dust and disruption that floor sanding could bring. But with, my worries were put to rest.

Their unique process left no dust behind and their team was quick and efficient.
Now, my children can enjoy and explore on our beautifully smooth floors without any worries."

Emma Clarke

Floor Sanding

Restoring the wood to its original glory...

"Our beloved puppy, full of energy and curiosity, had unfortunately left quite a mark on our wooden floors. The scratches were deep and noticeable. This is where the team at stepped in.

They meticulously worked on each scratch, smoothing out the rough edges and restoring the wood to its original glory and even suggested practical solutions, such as specific types of pet-friendly floor finishes and regular maintenance tips."

Sophie Brown

Wood Floor Scratch Repair

The results are stunning...

"I needed a reliable company to handle the floor renovation in our office. was punctual, efficient, and the results are stunning. I can now host my clients in a beautiful setting."

Michael Davis

Commercial Floor Sanding

They saved the day...

"When our home suffered significant water damage, it was who stepped in and saved the day. They fixed the damage well and made our wooden floors look like they used to.

A friend had recommended them, praising their professionalism and quality of work. Indeed, their intervention turned a challenging situation into a surprisingly positive experience."

Eva Turner

Floor Restoration

I can't recommend them enough...

" did a fantastic job on our floors. They were punctual, tidy, and the results are stunning.

I can't recommend them enough!"

Tommy White

Wood Floor Repair

The result was astounding...

"When I visited my friend Noah's house, I was taken aback by the remarkable change in his floorboards. Such was the quality of the restoration, they seemed to have regained their original, untouched state.

Seeing this incredible restoration, I knew I had to hire for my own home. I had a few floorboards that were damaged and loose, and they were becoming a real eyesore.

The result was astounding. My floorboards no longer looked worn and old, but instead, they had a fresh, revitalised appearance. "

Archie Harrison

Floorboard Repair

Our house genuinely feels like home...

"Transitioning into our new home, the floors were our primary concern. streamlined the entire process.

Their swift and proficient work resulted in breathtaking floors that have added a personal touch to our home. Now, our house genuinely feels like home."

Jacob Cooper

Floor Sealing & Varnish

The above testimonials have been gathered since we transitioned to our new identity as We collect testimonials straight from our valued clients who have personally benefited from our services. This honest method guarantees that every review mirrors authentic customer experiences and satisfaction levels. As time progresses, we’ll continue to add more reviews, providing you with the assurance that choosing us for your flooring needs is the right decision.

The team of ReSand deeply values the feedback from all the clients we have. Testimonials from our satisfied customers are not just words; they are the lifeblood of our business. For us is very important to know if we met the expectations of our customers by providing our floor sanding services.

The opinions and the shared experiences of our clients help us to improve the service we offer. The feedback helps us to learn what we’re doing right and identify areas that may need enhancement. This is how we ensure we provide the best results for each project.

Positive testimonials are very important for our business because this is the way to build trust with potential clients who are seeking reliable and skilled floor sanding experts.

Last, but not least your satisfaction fuels our passion for what we do. Your words inspire our team to ensure our high standards and provide top-quality floor sanding services in London.