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Welcome to the website of ReSand.co.uk where we provide our floor repair services. We understand the importance of the floors in order to achieve the most outstanding appearance in your house or office.

Our floor repair service is designed to provide personalized solutions for floor damage and problems. The result we are striving for is to remove any deficiencies in the floor and improve its overall structure for safety and appearance.

Very damaged and old wooden floor being repaired

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We have long experience in the floor repairing service. These years in the area taught us how to provide the best service and won many satisfied clients.

Thanks to our team of experts, we always succeed in performing high-quality floor repair services. Our experience includes dealing with different types of floors and floor issues by applying appropriate repair techniques.

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  • Reliable services

    To provide the best flooring repair we use high-quality materials and products to ensure durable and long-lasting results.

  • Personalized approaches

    We know that every floor repair project is unique that's why we create customized solutions that fit the specific needs of our clients. This includes special techniques, preferences, needs, and budgets.

Severely damaged wooden floor in an apartment

Floor Repair Services

  • Surface repairs;

  • Cracks and chips repair;

  • Water damage repair;

  • Grout repair;

  • Subfloor repair;

  • Refinishing and Resurfacing;

  • Spot removal.

The Benefits of Services

Floor repair services are an investment in the floor appearance and the interior of the house. This can increase the value of your property and bring you many more benefits:

Improved safety

Some of the floor damages and problems can be reasons for dangerous events. Floor repair services can fix cracks, holes, and other issues and improve the safety measures in your home.

Prevents Further Damage

Timely removal of even small issues on the floor will help to save it from bigger damages. Don’t ignore any scratch.

Extended Lifespan

Applying regular floor repair and maintenance has a positive impact on the lifespan of the floor materials. This will help you to avoid expensive replacements.

Floor repair by resand.co.uk

Mend the wear and tear, enlist our dependable floor repair service at ReSand.co.uk today.

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What does the floor repair service include

Time to reveal to you exactly what our service includes for flooring repair. This will help you decide if what it offers meets your demands and needs. We create this service to effective and budget-friendly solutions to the most common floor problems and damages.

In the following paragraphs, we shortly explain what are the main floor repair projects we offer and what is their main goal.

Surface repairs

The main goal of the service is to fix surface damage. The main of them are imperfections such as scratches, scuffs, dents, and gouges. Part of the repair process includes sanding, refinishing, and renovating using different and the most appropriate techniques.

Cracks and chips repair

There are some surfaces like tiles, concrete, or stone floors that require special repair because of the specifics of the material. These are the types of flooring on which cracks can appear. Instead of replacing the entire floor, you can use our services of wood floor repair.

Water damage repair

As part of our wood and floorboard repair services, we dry and repair any areas that have been affected by water damage, preventing further deterioration and restoring the integrity of the floor.

Subfloor repair

There are many subfloor issues we can fix such as squeaks, dips, or unevenness. It’s important to take care of these problems because they can cause unstable floors and dangerous flooring at home or in the office.

Refinishing and Resurfacing

In our list of flooring repair services, we also include refinishing and resurfacing the surface. The main goal is to restore the original shine and finish of the floor. Some of the steps in this process involve sanding or repainting the floor.

Spot removal

We apply special methods to remove stains and spots on the floor without damaging the surface of the floor. This improves the overall appearance of the floor and refresh the whole surface.

ReSand is a company that offers many flooring services but each service could be performed in a specific way to meet the customer’s needs. If you search for flooring repairs that you can trust, contact us and make an appointment.

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