Expert Floorboard Replacement

We present you with a solution to damaged, worn, or creaky floorboards that has a negative impact on the appearance and safety of your property. ReSand is a company that specialized in floor renovation services including floorboard replacement and repair.

We provide restoration services for all types of wooden floorboards with the main goal to make your floor safer and flawless. Our team has long experience in the area and applies proven methods that produce excellent results.

Wooden floor being repaired with several boards already missing

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Our goal is to provide a reliable and affordable floorboard repair service in London. Our experts use specialized tools and techniques to repair scratches, dents, and cracks. We apply professional methods in order to secure loose or creaky floorboards.

The result you can expect is creating stability in your floor system. This will increase not only the appearance of the floor but also the safety of your living or working space.

  • Floorboard replacement

    We will replace damaged or worn-out floorboards with new ones that provide more safety and create a dangerous-free area.

  • Many types of wooden materials

    No matter what kind of wood floor you have - hardwood, laminate, or engineered wood floors. This service offers a cost-effective, efficient solution.

Damaged floor boards with dents and sratches

Floorboard Repair Services

We offer a range of floorboard repair services that address various issues and damage affecting wooden floorboards.

  • Scratch repair;

  • Staining and Refinishing;

  • Loose Floorboard Fixing;

  • Floorboard replacement.

The Benefits of Services

Repairing floorboards is a service that provides various benefits that have a positive impact on the floor’s appearance, safety, and lifespan.

Improve the safety and stability of the floor

Repairing or replacement of damaged floorboards will improve the safety of the living or working area. These methods are used to create a stable flooring system.

Personalized solution

Floorboard repair services offer customization options and solutions when you want to create interesting flooring designs and search for a better interior match.

Extended lifespan

By applying floorboard repair techniques to fix small issues we prevent your floor from complete floor replacement. This extends the lifespan of the floor and will help you to save money from whole floor replacement.

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Restore your floor's integrity, secure our effective floorboard repair service at now.

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Floorboard repair in London

Floorboard repair service provides tailored solutions to meet your specific needs. Whether your floorboards have minor scratches, need a new lease of life through staining, have loose sections, or require replacement our team has a long professional experience to repair these issues.

By trusting the experts from you can extend the lifespan of your flooring, maintain the value of your property, and enjoy the visual appeal of well-maintained floorboards throughout your space.

We present you a list of our repair floorboard services that are designed to restore the beauty and functionality of the floors at your home.

Floorboard repair services we offer

Floorboard repair services provide complete solutions for various problems that can impact your floors’ condition and look. Let’s have a look at the main floorboard repair projects:

Scratch repair

The appearance of scratches and damage on the floor is inevitable, especially in high-traffic areas or when moving furniture. Floorboard repair professionals apply specialized techniques to gentle smooth out these scratches, making the surface appear more even and reducing the visibility of marks.

Staining and refinishing

This service is an appropriate method to refresh your floor by staining and refinishing the surface of worn floorboards. Our experts will carefully sand down the surface to remove imperfections and old finish and then will apply a protective finish, creating a refreshed and polished look of the floor.

Loose floorboard fixing

Skilled professionals in floorboard repair can address this issue like loose or creaky floorboards.  This will provide better security of loose boards, eliminating creaks, and ensuring a stable, even floor surface.

Floorboard replacement

Sometimes floorboards are so damaged that the best solution is replacement. Our team can remove the worn boards and replace them with new more stable ones.

Is this what you need? If you want to give a fresh new look to the old floorboards at your home book our professional repairing floorboards services.