Floorboard Restoration

Welcome to our website where you will find more about our floor refreshing services. We provide floorboards sanding as one of our main services that aims to bring your floor back to shine.

Sanding floorboards is a process of removing the top layer of the floor which is usually worn or damaged. This allows the application of new finishes and enhances the appearance and durability of the floor.

Sanded floorboards in a small room

Restore the beauty of your floor

Floorboards sanding is a great way to reinstate the charm of wooden flooring. Our team uses the best tools and equipment to give the floor a fresh new look and extend its lifespan. This service adds value to commercial and residential property which can increase their cost.

If you search for the best results don’t hesitate to hire us. We provide this service in the whole area of London and always follow the schedule of our clients.

Floorboard sanding before Floorboard sanding after
  • First consultation

    Before we start with the sanding process we have a consultation with our clients where we discuss their requirements, expectations and desired outcomes.

  • Experienced professionals

    We have offered floor refreshing and repair services for many years and we proudly call our team experts in the area.

Dirty floorboards

Floorboard Sanding Services

  • Assessment and consultation;

  • Preparation;

  • Process of sаnding;

  • Edge Sanding;

  • Medium and Fine Sanding;

  • Clean-up.

The Benefits of Services

Here are some of the main benefits of sanding floorboards service that make it a valuable investment in your property:

Prolong lifespan

Sanding removes the worn-out top layer of the floorboards with the main goal of improving their structural integrity. This is how this service helps for prolonging the life of the wooden floor.

Affordable service

Compared to the cost of the entire floor changing, this service is way more affordable. This way you can also save significant time.

Restore original appearance

Floorboard restoration by sanding is a great way to restore the original beauty and natural look of a worn floor.

Floorboard sanding by resand.co.uk

Rediscover elegance, book our precise Floorboard Sanding service at ReSand.co.uk.

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Floorboard treatment – restore timeless beauty of your floor

Floorboards can’t keep their shine forever. Over time they become marred by scratches, stains and general wear and tear because of daily life and high traffic. These imperfections can change the appearance of the floor in a very negative way.

There is a solution about this situation and this solution doesn’t include replacement of the floor. We already present you our professional service of floorboard sanding and now is the time to give you some more reasons why this is a great service to use to refresh the floors of your home.

How to Sand Floorboards?

If you want to bring back the authentic charm of your original floorboards you should trust our professional team which provides the sanding floorboards service for a very affordable price. This is the easiest and most budget-friendly way to restore the appearance of the floor.

This home project doesn’t require any effort. By choosing our service you choose a team of experts that use high-quality tools and follow professional process for the best outcome. It is possible to transform and clean your floor without breaking the bank simply by restoring and refinishing your existing floorboards.

Another great reason why you should trust our services is that by applying floorboard sanding we minimizes waste. This makes our services eco-conscious choice that follows sustainable practices.

Last, but not least sanding requires less time and disruption compared to the installation of new hardwood floors. Sand floorboards is also a great way to customize your design preferences and add personal charm to your interior design.

Trust the skilled hand of our professionals and give them the permission to transform your space into a centerpiece of beauty and elegance once more. We provide a top-quality floor service that promise excellent outcome for a short time.

We are Resand.co.uk – your trusted partner in your floor renovation projects. Book our services!