How to Fill Gaps in Wooden Floor

We present you with our specialized gap-filling service that addresses gaps or spaces between floorboards, particularly hardwood floors. Wooden floors have an original and authentic appearance but over time they become worn or damaged.

Here is where we appear and provide our gap-filling services. The service our team performs involves using appropriate materials to fill in these gaps. The main result is the restored floor’s appearance and better structural stability.

Damaged parquet blocks with gaps between them

Filling gaps in floorboards

This is a short description of the service we provide. Our team has long experience in floor renovating techniques and methods that is why we promise you satisfying results. Gap filling provides a solution to common wooden floor problems and ensures better protection from new damages and imperfections.

This service is a great way to maintain the beauty, durability and structural integrity of wooden floors for many years.

  • Filler material

    We offer different types of gap-filling materials
    in order to satisfy our customers’ preferences and desires. These materials include including wood putty, latex-based fillers, and epoxy, or resin-based fillers.

  • Perfect color match

    Our team always tries to find the best colour that will match the rest of the floor shade and the interior design in general.

Floorboards with gaps between them

Services for Gap Filling

Gap floor filling services are specialized services that are essential to prevent further damage to the flooring. Some of them are:

  • Hardwood floor gap filling;

  • Laminate floor gap filler;

  • Engineered wood floor gap filling;

  • Vinyl floor gap filling.

The Benefits of Services

Here is a list of some important benefits that gap filling service provides to homeowners and property owners:

Increase the safety of the floor

Filling gap on the floors reduces the risk of tripping and potential injuries. The service helps create a smoother and more even surface.

Energy efficiently

Sometimes gaps in flooring lead to heat loss which can impact the energy efficiency of the space. By filling the gaps our team provides better insulation of the space.

Moisture protection

Gap filling helps prevent water or moisture from seeping between the floorboards. This is how gap filling helps for protection against water damage.

Gap filling by

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Seal Gaps Now!

Filling Gaps in Floorboards

Experience the joy of walking on flawless, gap-free floors that showcase your space’s true potential. The team of provides superior gap filling service in London that aims to create an environment that radiates elegance, comfort, and durability.

With our services we dare you to say goodbye unsightly gaps and welcome a new era of stunning floors that stand the test of time.

We have already discussed in detail what the service consists of and presented you with several valuable advantages it offers. It’s time to pay more attention to the types of services we offer in connection with gap filling.

Hardwood floor gap filling

The gap filling process for hardwood floors involves the use of high-quality wood fillers to seamlessly bridge the gaps between the individual planks. This is crucial not only for restoring the floor’s visual appeal but also prevents dirt and debris from accumulating in the gaps. This will help you to achieve cleaner environment at your home where the air quality is better.

Laminate floor gap filler

Laminate floors can develop gaps and the main reason behind this is the temperature fluctuations and usage. There is smart solution to fix these gaps by using our services. Our professional team applies laminate floor gap filler that color-matched to your existing floor, ensuring a seamless finish.

Engineered wood floor gap filling

Gap filling for engineered wood floors uses high-quality fillers that blend flawlessly with the wood’s color and texture. Usually, this service is considered as a great way to achieve aesthetic concern but it also has impact for maintaining the structural integrity of your flooring.

Vinyl floor gap filling

Vinyl floor gap filling uses specialized fillers that are designed to bond with the vinyl material. The vinyl floor filler helps for prevention of moisture and infiltration. This is important for floors in areas prone to spills or humidity.

Book our gap filling service and be sure you made the best decision for your floor.