stands as more than a mere provider of floor sanding services, wooden floor polishing and oiling.

At its core, it’s a dedicated team of craftsmen devoted to the preservation and celebration of the timeless beauty and resilience of wooden flooring.

Residents of London are proudly served, united by a shared respect for tradition, quality, and sustainability.

Our mission – commitment to excellence

At, the aspiration is to deliver unparalleled floor restoration services, employing state-of-the-art equipment, eco-friendly products, and the latest techniques.

The ultimate goal is to transform every floor into a testament to the richness of wood, the finesse of the builder’s craftsmanship, and the refined taste of the homeowner.

Ensuring each restoration not only radiates elegance but also encapsulates the authentic charm and personal touch of the household it graces.

Customer Satisfaction is one of our core values

Recognising the profound importance of a home, every project is treated with the care, dedication, and respect it truly deserves.

Clear communication with clients is firmly believed to be a cornerstone of successful service, taking the time to understand each client’s unique vision and delivering services that specifically cater to these individual needs.

Honesty and transparency form the backbone of our business ethos, ensuring that competitive prices come with no hidden fees. Sustainability is another paramount concern. Being a London-based company, the shifting environmental landscape is acutely understood, as well as the responsibility we bear towards it.

Therefore, in a commitment to reduce our carbon footprint, eco-friendly products and sustainable practices are consistently employed.

The ethos extends to restoring old wooden floors rather than replacing them, championing the concept of prolonging the life of existing wooden structures.

Professionalism in details

Deeply ingrained within the ethos of is the value of professionalism. Each team member is not just an employee, but a highly trained professional, versed in all facets of floor restoration.

The team holds itself accountable for the timely and efficient delivery of services, prioritising safety, cleanliness, and minimal disruption above all.

A fervent passion for preserving the art and craft of wooden floor restoration fuels the daily operations. Continual investments are made in the team’s skills and knowledge, relentlessly seeking innovation and improvements in service offerings.

The mission is to build lasting relationships with customers, foundations of which are trust, integrity, and superior service.

Exceeding expectations is a constant aim, offering unparalleled customer care, a positive experience, and ultimately, a beautifully restored wooden floor.

A testament to the quality of the services provided, these floors become something that clients can genuinely take pride in.

Deeply rooted in the London community

We consider our clients as neighbours and friends.

We are committed to giving back, creating jobs, and contributing to the local economy. We respect and cherish the city’s rich architectural heritage, and our work is our way of preserving that legacy for future generations.


At, our mission and philosophy extends beyond restoring wooden floors. It is about reviving memories, refreshing homes, and creating a sustainable future. We strive to be a company that our customers recommend, our employees are proud of, and our community values.

Let us be your trusted partner in bringing out the best in your wooden floors.


Join us on our mission to enhance the beauty of London, one floor at a time.

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