How to Sand a Wooden Floor

We are ReSand – a company specialised in refinishing and restoring wood floors. We present you one of our primary services – wood floors sanding. The main goal of the service is to build up and renew the appearance of old, worn-out, or damaged wood floors.

Our team performs top-quality sanding service by using professional equipment and tools that guarantee excellent results. The sanding process is a process of removing the top layer of the wood and revealing a fresh and smooth surface.

Freshly sanded wood floor in a big room

Hardwood floor sanding and refinishing

We provide professional sanding services that aim to refresh the appearance of wooden floors and increase their durability. We use specialized sanding equipment, such as drum sanders and edge sanders.

First, our team will start with the removal of old old finishes, scratches, and imperfections. Only after they will start with the sanding process and to achieve a smooth and even surface.

Wood floor sanding before Wood floor sanding after
  • Refinish hardwood floors near me

    Our wood floors sanding company is located in London and we provide the service across the whole city.

  • Finishing options

    After the sanding clients can choose from various finishing options, such as varnish, polyurethane, wood oil, or stain.

Freshly sanded laminate floor in a small room

Wood Floor Sanding Services

  • Consultation with clients;

  • Preparation of the floor and equipment;

  • Sanding process;

  • Dust containment;

  • Floor repairs;

  • Clean-up.

The Benefits of Services

Sanding those hardwood floors provides many benefits for the floor’s appearance and durability. Here are some of the high-rated outcomes this service has:

Restores Appearance

Sanding floors is the best way to remove old finish and surface imperfections. The result is easily revealing fresh and smooth wood surfaces. This service restores the natural beauty of the floor material and keeps it shining again.

Fixes surface damage

Hardwood floor sanding is an effective way to remove surface damage with an affordable service. Sanding away the damage to the top layer helps to keep the floor in good condition and minimize the need to install a new floor.

Even surface

Wood floors sanding creates a smooth and level surface on the wood floor.

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Wood Floor Sanding in London

Wood floors sanding is a service that will transform your home into shiny and fresh place. is a company that works with experts in the area of floor renovation services and provides top-quality results.

Wood floors hold a timeless charm, but over time, they can lose their luster and show signs of wear. One day it comes the question how to bring your wooden floor back to life. Probably you consider whole floor replacement project but wait – there is better solution.

We suggest you to consider he remarkable difference that professional wood floor sanding services can make. Hardwood floor sanding is a great option to refresh the appearance of your floor for minimum costs.

We are going to discuss what is the impact of hardwood floor sanding and refinishing on the interior design and how this service will improve appearance of your house.

Invest in the transformation of your home – book wood floor sanding

Hardwood floor sanding is a crucial project not only because of refreshing the look of your floor. The service has impact on transforming the entire ambiance of your space. It’s not about just removing some scratches of the surface of the floor. The wood floors sanding is a great way to breathing new life into your living spaces for a very low budget.

Sanding wood floors preserves the character of the floor while removing wear from the surface. By doing this, wood is infused with history and authenticity which is what makes the wooden floor such a elegant and stylish floor option.

Investing in wood and parquet floor sanding is a cost-effective solution compared to full-floor replacement. By booking our sanding hardwood floors services you can be sure that you will be satisfied of the quality outcome, professional attitude and time-saving process.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about the service.