Sanding a Parquet Floor in London

The parquet-sanding service we provide is the ultimate solution for bringing back the authentic charm and elegance of your parquet floors. Time passes and parquet floors lose their shine because of wear, scratches, and dirt accumulation.

We can stop this and refresh the floor of your house and office by applying special techniques. Our team of experts provides top-quality parquet-sanding service with the main goal of excellent floor restoration.

Parquet floor in a good condition

Parquet floor sanding

Our team has years of experience in parquet sanding that’s why our service is such a precise and well-performing. We use professional equipment and tools that guarantee excellent results. This is how we win many satisfied clients.

We believe that the best services are the customized ones. We always try to meet the customer’s expectations and needs.

Parquet sanding before Parquet Sanding after
  • Beautifully restored floor

    This is what we achieve by providing top-notch parquet sanding floor service. Don’t hesitate to contact us and make an appointment.

  • Longevity and value

    This is what we promise you will receive by using our parquet sanding floor service. The methods we use guarantee durability and long-lasting results.

Parquet floor in perfect condition

Parquet Sanding Services

  • Evaluation of parquet floors;

  • Determine the appropriate sanding technique;

  • Choice of sanding equipment;

  • Clean after the sanding.

The Benefits of Services

Before you book a service is important to know what benefits you will receive. When we speak about parquet sanding, we can point out many important benefits but let’s have a look at these 3:

Improved durability

The process of sanding removes surface imperfections and worn layers. This increases the enhanced durability and resistance to future wear.

Quick restoration

The process of parquet sanding is a quick task that can save significant time. Instead of spending a lot of time and money for an entire floor renovation, you can just book a parquet sanding service.

Long-term investment

This is a great investment in your flooring that can increase the value of your property. This service enhances the floor appearance and protects its original features.

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How to Sand Parquet Flooring

We have already provided you with many details about the professional parquet floor staining service we offer. It is part of a long list of services whose main purpose is to bring back the luster and elegant look of the floors in your home, to make them worthy additions to the interior design of any room.

To be comprehensive enough, we should introduce you to the steps that our experts take when performing the service of parquet sanding.

Parquet floor sanding process

Here are some of the most essential steps we take before and during the process of parquet sanding aiming to provide the best services:

Determination the condition of the parquet floor

Our experts have to assess the condition of the parquet floor and to determinate the areas that need special attention.

Preparation of the floor

All objects and furniture must be removed from the floor and then thoroughly washed before proceeding to its staining.

Coarse sanding

Our experts use coarse-grit sandpaper to remove the existing finish, scratches, and imperfections. This step is very important because prepares the floor for finer sanding.

Pattern preservation

Our experts take care to sand along the grain of each individual wood piece. This is crucial for preserving the intricate patterns and maintaining the unique design of the room.

Fine sanding

Our professional team uses finer grit sandpapers which is important tool to achieve a smooth and even surface. This step includes removing of the scratches left by the coarser sandpaper and prepares the floor for finishing.


We also provide staining services if you choose to stain your floor in a certain color in order to give it a fresher look.

Sealing and finishing

This is the final step that includes sealing the freshly sanded parquet floor with a protective finish. The finish has essential roles to enhances the appearance and create a protection against future wear and tear of the wood.

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