Make sure to carefully review the terms and conditions before engaging in our service.

1. Interpretation and Definitions

1.1. For these Terms and Conditions, the subsequent definitions are used:

  • “Company” refers to “First Class Floor Sanding Ltd,” tasked to execute the pertinent work and enter a Contract with the Client for such work.
  • “Client” is the legal entity or individual, whether a partnership, corporation, company, or other, contracting with the Company for the Company to carry out the applicable work.
  • “Premises” is defined as the location where the contracted work is to be performed.
  • “Contract” denotes the particular agreement under which the Company will execute the specific work.
  • “Work” describes the tasks to be performed or delivered by the Company as per the Contract.
  • “Booking Agent” designates “First Class Floor Sanding Ltd.”

1.2. Words referring to the singular include the plural and vice versa, unless the context indicates otherwise, and masculine words shall encompass the feminine and neuter genders.

1.3. The headings in this Terms and Conditions document are provided for ease of reference and will not impact their interpretation.

1.4. Any mention of legislation will encompass such legislation’s amendments or re-enactments at any time, whether before or subsequent to the date of the contract in question.

2. Agreement and Contractual Obligations

2.1. The Contract will include these terms and conditions.

2.2. Any amendments or variations to these terms and conditions need to be confirmed or agreed upon by the Company in writing.

2.3. Unless there is written consent from the Company, these terms and conditions will override any business terms or purchase conditions proposed by the Client.

2.4. The Company shall not be required under the Contract to conduct any task or matter that is unlawful, and this condition will take precedence over any other agreements between the Booking Agent/the Company and the Client.

3. Pricing and Quotations

3.1. When calculating quotes over the phone or other remote methods, the Company typically relies on metric measurements and average room sizes nationally. Such remote quotes should be considered as guides, not final prices. Final quotes will be sent to the Client in writing through email, fax, or post after a proper inspection of the Premises.

3.2. The Company may charge for wood floor restoration services on a per linear metre basis, considering the floors’ type and condition. Certain materials and details might need more resources and time for refinishing. In these instances, the Company may decide to charge higher than the rates shown on its website, verbally discussed, or found in the advertising literature.

3.3. If the Client alters their requirements, the Company holds the right to modify the quotation accordingly.

3.4. Discrepancies in the actual measurements exceeding 5% from those quoted will be discussed with the Client before work begins. In such a situation, the Company has the right to reasonably and justly increase the work’s price.

3.5. All phone-based quotes are subject to review following an on-site inspection of the floors at the Premises.

3.6. The Company can change a quotation if it has not been accepted within 30 days.

3.7. The Company sets a minimum charge of £450.00 for any project.

3.8. Unless stated otherwise, the quotation does not include waste material or debris removal resulting from the work.

4. Tools, Equipment, and Additional Requirements

4.1. Unless specified differently in the quotation or agreed upon, the Company will supply all necessary products, tools, and equipment to perform the work.

4.2. The Client must ensure accessible and sufficient running water and electricity supplies at the Premises for the work to be executed.

4.3. The Client must ensure the Premises’ power supply can deliver 240v of electricity as required for sanding machinery.

4.4. If work is to be performed in a residents’ parking area, the Client must provide visitor parking permits to the Company when requested, for parking its vehicles during the work.

4.5. Any pay and display charges, congestion charges, skip licences, or skip parking fees reasonably incurred in carrying out the work will be reimbursed by the Client to the Company. These fees are separate from any amounts in the quotations or contract price.

5. Payment Terms, Pricing, and Additional Costs

5.1. The Company accepts payments in cash (up to £10,000 only) and/or via bank transfer.

5.2. Unless otherwise stated in the quotation or specifically agreed upon, the remaining balance, along with the cost of any extra or additional work requested or any variations, is due on the date designated for the completion of the work.

5.3. Should any sums become overdue, the Company has the right to charge simple interest at the rate of 8% per annum, calculated daily.

5.4. If any due payment remains wholly or partially unpaid, the Company may halt work and remove its workers from the Premises.

5.5. The Company may also stop work and remove its workers from the Premises if the Client undergoes any insolvency procedure. In such cases, the Company may terminate the Contract by providing written notice to the Client or relevant insolvency office holder.

5.6. If the price was determined based on a misrepresentation made by or on behalf of the Client, the Company may amend the Contract’s price to a just and equitable amount.

5.7. The Client will be responsible for paying a reasonable price for any additional work or variations to the work outside the scope of the Contract, requested by the Client or their representatives at the Premises.

6. Consumer Rights and Cancellation Policy Under the Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation, And Additional Charges) Regulations 2013

6.1. If the relevant contract between the Client and the Company falls under the Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013, the following statutory rights apply:

  • The Client has the right to cancel the contract within 14 days without giving any reason.
  • This cancellation period will expire 14 days from the Contract’s date or the date the Client first receives this notice, whichever is later.
  • The Client must notify the Company of the decision to cancel the Contract by a clear statement (e.g., a letter, fax, or email).
  • To meet the cancellation deadline, the Client must send their communication regarding the cancellation right before the period expires.
  • If the Client cancels the contract, they will receive a refund of all payments, except for the value of any work and expenses carried out at the Client’s request, for which they will remain responsible.
  • The refund will be processed without undue delay and within 14 days from the cancellation notice.
  • The refund will be made using the same payment method initially used, unless expressly agreed otherwise, and the Client will not incur any costs due to reimbursement.

7. Work Issues

7.1 Repairs, Existing Damage, and Other Related Issues

7.1.1. Minor repairs (e.g., fixing loose floorboards) will be conducted as needed to even out the floor surface unless instructed otherwise by the Client. Major repairs, such as nailing down all nails or screws, require client instruction and will be charged as extras.

7.1.2. If unforeseen work arises that was not apparent from pre-contract inspections, the Company may charge a reasonable extra sum. Examples include areas hidden by carpets, furniture, or other objects.

7.1.3. Timber quality and color provided by the Company shall align with market availability, but cannot be guaranteed to match existing wood.

7.1.4. The Company shall not be liable for existing damage, including old stains, burns, spillages, etc., that cannot be cleaned or removed through industry-standard methods.

7.1.5. The Company is not responsible for poor results due to significant wear, tear, or previous floor damage.

7.1.6. The Company shall not be responsible for odors arising during or after work due to factors like lack of ventilation or heating.

7.1.7. Clients must provide reasonable facilities for workers, including normal or artificial light, heating, and restroom facilities.

7.2. Gap Filling

7.2.1. The Company is not responsible if resin filling fails due to natural wood movement or exposure to extreme conditions.

7.2.2. When using slivers for gap filling, the Company cannot guarantee an exact match to the existing floor in color, grain, shade, etc.

7.2.3. The quotation excludes gaps between the floor and walls or skirting boards unless instructed otherwise. Gap filling in these areas may incur additional charges.

7.2.4. Gaps between staircase risers and steps are not included in general services unless instructed and charged additionally.

7.3. The Floor Sanding Process

7.3.1. Clients must ensure that rooms are emptied of furniture and personal belongings. Any items that could be damaged by sanding or dust must be removed. The Company offers a furniture removal service as an extra, and please advise the Booking Agent if this is required.

7.3.2. If rooms are not emptied, the Company will not be liable for damage to furniture or guarantee a uniform finish.

7.3.3. The floor sanding process is approximately 95% dust-free, but small amounts of fine dust may be produced. The Company is not liable for damage caused by dust from the work.

7.3.4. While the Company will take reasonable care, decoration and skirting may be marked due to the nature of the machinery and staining/finishing work. The Company will not be responsible for these marks or redecoration costs.

7.3.5. Stairs sanding includes only the flats and risers. Sides, poles, and handrails are treated as extras unless specifically provided for in the quotation.

7.4. Colouring/Staining

7.4.1. Expect slight colour or shade variations when samples are applied over larger areas.

7.4.2. Any changes after the staining process has begun will incur extra charges once the colour has been agreed upon.

7.4.3. Clients must check the colour at the moment of application, and any recoloring will be an extra charge.

7.4.4. The Company is not liable for markings on skirting during colouring, nor any necessary redecoration as a result.

7.4.5. Complete uniformity may not always be possible in hand-coloured and finished floors, and the Company is not responsible for such variations.

7.5. Sealing & Maintenance

7.5.1. The standard offering includes three coats of lacquer or two coats of oil/hard wax, depending on the Client’s choice. Additional coats are available at extra cost.

7.5.2. Hand-applied seals might not be completely uniform, and recoating at the Client’s request will be charged as an extra.

7.5.3. Seal longevity varies based on traffic conditions, usage, and the Client’s maintenance standard.

7.5.4. Floor seals are designed for wear resistance, not impact. The impact resistance depends on the wooden floor but can be enhanced with specific products charged as an extra.

7.5.5. Professional maintenance products (e.g., Bona or Osmo) are recommended for maintaining the floor.

7.5.6. The Company offers professional maintenance programmes as extras (please ask if this is required).

7.5.7. Lacquers typically become touch-dry within 1-2 hours, and oils within 6-8 hours, although this drying time may fluctuate based on the manufacturer’s specifications and current weather conditions. It falls on the Client’s shoulders to make the necessary preparations to prevent any contact or disturbances with the seals during the curing process.

7.5.8. Lacquers require 2 days curing time and should be protected, particularly against heavy foot traffic or covering materials.

7.5.9. Floors should not be covered or have furniture replaced until the curing process is complete. The Company is not liable for marking after the job is accepted by the Client.

7.5.10. The Company is not responsible for protecting floors after completion of work.

7.5.11. The Company may change the job specification on-site as needed to provide the most suitable finish for the floor.

7.6. Hours of Work

7.6.1. Standard hours of work will be 8am-5pm, Monday to Sunday. Site visits outside these hours may be necessary due to the sealing process.

7.7. Rubbish Removal and Disposal

7.7.1. Rubbish removal (including sawdust, damaged and replaced floorboards, carpets, floor covers, and underlays, etc.) is not included in the work price unless stated otherwise, and will incur an extra charge.

7.7.2. The Company does not provide rubbish disposal services.

8. Postponement And Access

8.1. Clients can postpone the work start date with 48 hours prior written notice.

8.2. A £100.00 charge may apply if the Client postpones the start date.

8.3. The Client must provide reasonable access, loading/unloading facilities, and transportation routes for equipment and materials.

8.4. Workers may move small furniture items on site at their discretion, considering Health and Safety considerations. Furniture requiring more than one person to move will not be moved by the Workers.

8.5. The Client is responsible for ensuring that an authorized representative is present on the Site during the work, especially upon completion, to check and accept the works.

9. Time For Completion Of Work

9.1. Completion dates are estimates only, and the company will make reasonable efforts to meet them.

9.2. The company bears no responsibility for delays due to circumstances beyond their control, such as weather, staff sickness, supplier issues, equipment breakdowns, or power/water failure.

9.3. There’s no liability to pay compensation if rescheduling is required for reasons beyond the company’s control.

9.4. The company is not liable for workers arriving late due to uncontrollable circumstances, such as transportation issues.

9.5. Quoted duration assumes a one-person team and may vary depending on team size; estimates are a rough guide.

10. Exclusion / Limitation Of Liability

10.1. The company is not liable for indirect or consequential losses or loss of profits from contract breaches.

10.2. Liability for breach of contract is limited to twice the client’s price for the relevant work.

10.3. Limitations don’t apply to claims for personal injury/fraud or other areas where it’s legally impossible to contract out of.

10.4. The company isn’t liable for accidental damage to irreplaceable/valuable items not stored away from work areas.

10.5. If damage occurs, the company may repair/replace the property at its expense, without admitting liability, and the client must provide access.

10.6. No liability for unsatisfactory results due to interference with freshly sealed floors by the client, third parties, or animals.

10.7. The company is not liable for accidental damage to property worth £50 or less.

10.8. The company is not responsible for accidental damage costing less than £75 to remedy.

10.9. No liability for accidentally puncturing a water or gas pipe if the location was not known to the workers.

10.10. Each sub-clause in condition 10 is separate and independent. If one is declared invalid, it doesn’t affect the others.

11. Data Protection

11.1. The Booking Agent may record all phone conversations for purposes such as quality control, record-keeping, and inquiry or investigation back-reference.

12. Supplementary Terms

12.1. Provisions of the contract do not confer benefits to third parties, and the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 is excluded.

12.2. The Company may change these Terms and Conditions without notice. Changes apply to new business but not existing contracts and will be posted on the Company’s website.

12.3. All notices must be in writing, can be sent through various means, and are deemed served under ordinary postal rules (2 working days in the UK).

13 Our Insurance – Your Peace Of Mind

13.1. The Company’s work is covered by Public Liability Insurance and Employers Liability Insurance.

14 Choice Of Law

14.1. The Contract is governed by English Law, and disputes shall be under the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English Court.

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